xxx 6-Way Opener — Damn I Like That!

6-Way Opener

by Cecil

6-Way Opener

There are a few tools that you must have in your kitchen drawer that make life a lot easier. The can opener for those of us that are weak, the scissors to opens those bags of chips, the beer bottle opener; how about something for the twist cap on sodas or the tabs on cans? If you have weak arms or sensitive hand, doing all these task can be a pain, not to mention all the clutter that having all these tools might cause.

Now you can save space, time and those precious hand with the 6-Way Opener. This unique tool takes the function of all those essential kitchen tools and wraps them all up in a nice green package. It’s made from plastic and silicone and can tackle: bottle tops, jar lids, bottle caps, pull tabs, safety seals and even snack bags. Imagine all the room and money you’ll save by buying this multi-tasking, space saving, kitchen tool.

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