xxx Lexan Wine Glass Gift Set — Damn I Like That!

Lexan Wine Glass Gift Set

by Cecil

Lexan Wine Glass Gift Set

This may sound odd, but I know you don’t want your guest drinking out of those expensive wine glasses you bought at Crate & Barrel, do you? Those are just for you to drink out of and for guest to look at, right? How can you enjoy your wine if you are constantly looking to make sure your guest don’t break your wine glasses? Now you can pull out the Lexan Wine Glass Gift Set and put that worry to rest.

Made from Polycarbonate, they are lightweight, cut and stain resistant. They are the perfect on-the-go drinkware, and even come with their own mesh travel bag. They are also space efficient with the glass unscrewing at the midpoint and snapping onto the base. These cool glasses will impress more than their expensive counterpart at a faction of the cost.