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BOB- Best of Blog

by Cecil

With a little over a month and well over 90 post on Damn I Like That!, here are some of the ones we like the most and that you may have missed.

Elecom Rhinestone-Studded Heart Eardrops
“These earphones made just for women are shaped like small hearts and covered in pink, white or blue rhinestones.”

Dolce & Gabbana Slip-on Moccasin Loafers
“These Dolce & Gabbana Slip-on Moccasin Loafers will complement any collection or be the start of a great one.”

The Braun 10 Cup Aroma Deluxe Coffee Maker
“As a Starbucks addict, I’m trying to curb my spending and started looking for a “starter” coffee maker at a good price.”

Bin Bin Wastebasket.
“This wastebasket will add a little extra style to any room or office. Made to look like crushed paper…”

Gola Jet
“With over 100 years of shoe making, Gola has perfected the comfortable functional sneaker.”

Rakku Design’s Shoe Wheel
“The female dilemma – so many shoes, so little room! Problem solved thanks to this ingenious creation by Rakku Designs.”

The Esquire CS
“A man’s watch says a lot about him. Don’t let an old ticker ruin a good first impression.”

Seymour Home Office Armoire
“If you are in need of a computer stand, but hate to have one in the middle of your living room or den, Pottery Barn has the solution for you.”

‘Air Beau’ Mary Jane
“Cole Haan puts a new spin on the traditional ballet flat.”

Nike Air Tech Challenge
“Back in the 1990’s when Andre Agassi had hair, he also wore…”

‘Curse’-ive Flat Cards
” Looking for a way to express how your truly feel but can’t find the words to say it?”

Supreme Love Story Laptop Collection
“Your laptop deserves better than a backpack.”

FUSION – Dining Table and Chair Set
” Don’t miss out on family dinner time just because of a small space!”

Cooking 101 Sets
“Even Rachael Ray would ogle these Cooking 101 sets…

Millbrook Suede Penny Driving Mocs
“Casual, comfort and style. It’s the fashion trifecta.”

Nars Lip Gloss
“If you are feeling like your lip gloss isn’t popping as it should be…”

Wine That Lovesâ„¢
“Pairing wine with a meal has never been easy…”