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Out On DVD Today – June 16, 2009

by Cecil

While there isn’t a lot of new releases on dvd today, there are a few series that are worth note if you haven’t seen them and want to catch up or just want to see some good acting and maybe learn a little history.


a. Growing up, I was always a fan of Jason from the Friday the 13th series ($15.99). This was before horror took its self too seriously and started making torture porn. In this remake of the 1980’s classic, Camp Crystal Lake is reopened (not a smart idea) and Jason is back to reek homicidal terror on a new batch of sexually charged unassuming teens.

b. In Burn Notice: Season Two ($31.99), Michael Westen is back helping the beautiful people of Miami while still trying to find out who Burned him taking his job and reputation. Set with beautiful Miami as the backdrop, Jeffery Donovan and his co-stars light up the TV screen while solving crime and uncovering mysteries in an action packed series that’s a must watch.

c. If you like your crime solving with a strong female lead who’s a little flawed, then Season 2 of Saving Grace ($31.99) is out today for your enjoyment. Holly Hunter is back as detective Grace Hanadarko, known for heavy drinking and sleeping around when she’s not solving crimes. If you like your TV characters portrayed as real people with unique idiosyncrasies, then give Saving Grace a try.

d. HBO is known to make some of the best mini series and their take on America’s founding fathers is no exception. The telling of the United States path to freedom focusing on the second president, John Adams [Blu-ray] ($46.49), is so riveting and intriguing that you forget your basically watching a history lesson that you would have ditched class on in high school. Paul Giamatti gives a wonderful performance as Adams bringing a whole new respect to the story of America’s independence and not the rose colored glasses look at the rise of a nation we are so used to seeing.

What DVD’s have you been watching lately?