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The Other Boleyn Girl

by Hali Felice

If you are looking to finish off your summer with a great book, then we highly recommend, “The Other Boleyn Girl,” by Philippa Gregory. I just recently completed this vivid tale about the time and struggle of King Henry VIII’s reign over England, fervently trying to provide his country with the proper heir, for after he dies. While you might know the story of Anne Boleyn, you might not know that before she came along, he also had captured the heart of Anne’s sister, Mary, as his very own mistress. Bearing not one, but two of his children, he decided that they weren’t born in wedlock and therefore not worthy to sit on the throne of England after he dies. Follow the trials and tribulations as Henry seeks out a compatible mate to marry and then in turn, give him a healthy son to instill the future of England. You will be captivated by Mary’s innocence and enthralled by Anne’s determination to replace Queen Catherine.

Watch as the establishment of the English throne and country is brought down by a young woman that aspires nothing less than being Queen of England. And while the struggle for Henry to birth the perfect male heir, you will learn that the future of England was actually left in the hands of a very powerful female after he died (i.e Queen Elizabeth). Gregory captures both the reality of this time and also the madness that was created through the passing of the Boleyn family.

If you find yourself not acquiring the time to read such a lengthy story, Gregory’s tale was also recently released via DVD, starring both Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson. It is sure intrigue both the reader and the viewer, as each page and/or frame unfolds.

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