xxx Cuisinart Classic Series Mini-Prep Processor — Damn I Like That!

Cuisinart Classic Series Mini-Prep Processor

by Joe

A food processor is a very important tool to have in any kitchen, but the big ones can be quite expensive, not to mention take up a lot of space.  Unless you do a lot of cooking for a lot of people, you really don’t need a big processor.  This Mini-Prep Processor from Cuisinart’s Classic Series is compact and affordable, yet it will still do the job in most situations when you need a processor.  It comes with both a chop feature and grind feature and an auto-reversible blade.  Don’t spend the money on a regular processor unless you really need to; this Mini-Prep Processor is the perfect addition for anyone who doesn’t cook for a bunch of people, yet still needs the convenience of a food processor.

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