xxx Cuppow — Damn I Like That!


by Cecil

As someone who recently got into the world of canning, I find the Cuppow insanely useful. With more and more people trying to curb habits of bad eating and watching closely what their food comes in, reusing canning jars (and canning your own food) has ramped up in recent years. Now that those jars are widely available, people are finding other ways to utilize then.

The Cuppow makes drinking out of wide-mouth jars easy and portable. You no longer have to worry about if you can put something hot in that water bottle or if it contains chemicals and will brake down into your drink – it’s BPA free . With a glass jar and the Cuppow you can be sure that nothing will affect the taste of your beverage and leave you with that all to familiar ”metal” after taste. Perfect for brewing tea and getting your iced coffee fix. Check out the video below.

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CUPPOW! from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.