xxx Deluxe Salad-To-Go Set — Damn I Like That!

Deluxe Salad-To-Go Set

by Joe

Salads are a great way to eat healthy, but taking them to work for lunch or any other destination is not the easiest since the salad can get wilted and not stay fresh.  This Deluxe Salad-To-Go Set will change all that and make bringing salads wherever you a go a much easier task.  The set has a container for your salad and separate containers in an upper layer to keep things you want to add into it as well as a compartment for the dressing.  Add everything you need and snap the lid on and the built-in ice packs will keep everything fresh until you are ready to eat it.  When you are ready to have your salad, simply add the ingredients from the lid and twist a knob to add in your dressing, shake it up, and you have a fresh salad on the go.  Oh, and as if that weren’t easy enough, the lid also has a built-in knife and fork.  Everything is covered for you here!

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