xxx Foolproof Egg Timer — Damn I Like That!

Foolproof Egg Timer

by Cecil

Making a hard boiled egg is simple until you have to make one. I mean how hard can it be? Place the egg in the water, boil, take it out and eat, right? That makes sense, but what if you don’t want your egg that hard boiled? How long do you leave it in? What if you cook more then one egg? If this a problem you’re facing then take a look at the Foolproof Egg Timer and rejoice! This simple little red egg does just what it says, it makes boiling eggs “Foolproof.” Just place it with your eggs and watch as it’s graduated scales show when eggs are soft, medium or hard by sensing heat instead of time. It also can adjust to the number of eggs being cooked and the altitude. Never over boil your eggs again!


Foolproof Egg Timer

Via [UberReview]