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Kitchen in a Box!

by Cecil

When I first moved into my apartment there were a lot of short cuts taken in effort to save money, one being me taking my mother’s old pots and anything she either upgraded or didn’t want anymore from her kitchen. While this worked for awhile, I found myself wanting newer or better kitchen utensils. Some of it I still have but a lot of it has since been replaced. If I could rethink my moving strategy or do it all over again, I’d pick one of the two Kitchen in a Box sets below.

Chefmate® Kitchen in a Box First Apartment Starter Set

The first option I’d consider would be the Chefmate Kitchen in a Box First Apartment Starter Set. This 40 piece set comes with all the must have kitchen supplies you’ll need. While the quality might not be the highest, I’m sure it’s good enough to cook any meal you can think of. Some of the things included are: a 2-qt. covered saucepan, 3-qt. covered double-handle pot, 9.5″ frying pan, 4 steak knives, 13″ pizza pan and 10×14″ cookie sheet, solid spoon, slotted spoon, slotted turner, pasta fork, pizza cutter, can opener, measuring cups and spoons, peeler, 3.5-qt. mixing bowl and spatula, Chip clips, corkscrew, salt/pepper shakers, colander, oven mitt and more. This is a great start to a great kitchen.


Another option would be the IKEA START-BOX 1. This set has 41 items and while they don’t go into detail about what’s included, the do say it contains basic kitchen utensils: mixing bowls, storage jars, pots, tools, etc. The quality is a little higher as well as the price, but it’s still not going to break the bank for someone just starting out on their own.

I think both of these are bargains and good enough to last you years until you decide to step up and get the real serious cooking gear. You could also fill your kitchen with the more food/meal focused Cooking 101 sets from Linens ‘n Things for a low price too

Buy | Chefmate Kitchen in a Box First Apartment Starter Set $29.99
Buy | IKEA START-BOX 1 $89.99