xxx Light My Fire Spork 4-Pack — Damn I Like That!

Light My Fire Spork 4-Pack

by Cecil

Light My Fire Spork

With the need to pinch pennies, you might be thinking about taking your lunch to work and not spending your money on take out lunch. But bringing your lunch has it’s own set of problems. You don’t want to carry silverware around and sometimes trying to find a plastic spoon or knife can have you eating your soup with a fork and not a spoon, which is frustrating.

Light My Fire Spork 4-Pack

The Light My Fire Spork 4-Pack is a must have for the office worker who takes working lunches at their desk. It’s a knife, spoon and fork all wrapped up in one utensil making it easy to not worry about if you have one of the three. Available in a number of colors to match your accompanying lunch bag or the always classic brown paper bag.

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