xxx OXO 10-Piece Pop Container Set — Damn I Like That!

OXO 10-Piece Pop Container Set

by Joe

If you find that the food in your pantry is always going stale or tastes funky after some time, this OXO 10-Piece Pop Container Set is exactly what you need.  This set comes with containers of different sizes that once “popped” shut, will airseal your food.  Now you can have the freshest cereal, pasta, snacks, or whatever you want to store in your kitchen.  These containers can also be easily stacked to keep things nice and organized whether in your cabinets or out on display.  If you cook frequently, these are a great way store your food and keep things organized.  Even if you do not cook often, these will keep whatever food you have as fresh as possible.  Either way, they are a perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen.

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