xxx Prima Donna Glass Kiwi Dish & Watermelon Platter — Damn I Like That!

Prima Donna Glass Kiwi Dish & Watermelon Platter

by Hali Felice

Sweeten up your next party or get together with this adorable Prima Donna Glass Kiwi Dish. A brilliant photographer captures the core and essence of a freshly sliced kiwi, which allows all your guests to begin imagining and savoring what you have cooked up for both the meal and, then of course dessert. Nothing is almost as refreshingly cool as a nice slice of kiwi and this dish captures that. To complete your fruit-filled fantasy, you must also include the Prima Donna 12-in. Watermelon Platter. This platter also serves your guests’ scrumptious needs at your next party! Brighten up any room with these adorable serving dishes and platters, all the while keeping your guests wondering what eye-catching and mouth-watering dish is going to come out next?

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