xxx Rachel Ray Garbage Bowl — Damn I Like That!

Rachel Ray Garbage Bowl

by Alicia

If you are a Food Network junkie like I am than you may be familiar with the term ‘garbage bowl’ or as Rachel Ray typically calls it, ‘GB’. Basically Rachel Ray’s philosophy on 30 Minute Meals is to have a large garbage bowl to put all your trash in while you are preparing your meals to avoid having to go back and forth to the trash can while cooking. She now has her own line of Rachael Ray 10-in. Garbage Bowls as well. It was only a matter of time! It is a 10 inch wide bowl that can remain right on your countertop while you cook. So after you dice and chop your ingredients, the parts you are not using can go right into this bowl for easy clean-up and quicker prep. Of course you can use the bowl for much more than just holding garbage!

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