xxx Tasto Chip and Dip Set — Damn I Like That!

Tasto Chip and Dip Set

by Alicia

Usually when I am invited out to a dinner party or a friend’s house, I am in charge of bringing the chips and dip. I make a pretty awesome taco dip but sometimes I like to spice it up with something new. I just love this Chip and Dip set from MoMA. The serving bowl comes with three removable silicone pouches that just hang right from the side of the bowl. So if you are feeling really up to the task, you can make three different dips and serve them alongside a bowl of chips or bread or crackers. You can also put different sauces or condiments in the small pouches too. And, they are heat resistant so you won’t have to worry about putting in something right from the oven. Perfect for your next night of entertaining!

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