xxx Trio Lasagna Pan — Damn I Like That!

Trio Lasagna Pan

by Alicia


Who doesn’t love some homemade lasagna? I know when it comes to lasagna everyone has their own personal preferences. I prefer veggie lasagna over meat while some people may prefer lasagna made with one type of sauce instead of another. It can be hard to please everyone but this Trio Lasagna Pan can help make life a little easier! It’s a non-stick lasagna cooking pan that has 3 separated rows so you can make 3 different kinds of lasagna in the same batch. The width and length of the rows are the same as standard lasagna noodles so you won’t have any issues with the fit. It also comes with a custom-fit spatula that is deep enough for you to serve without making a mess. This pan can be a lifesaver if you are cooking for a crowd so you can serve up some variety.

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