xxx Weber Set of 7 Skewer and Kabob Set — Damn I Like That!

Weber Set of 7 Skewer and Kabob Set

by Hali Felice

Kabob and Skewer Set

Make grilling a little kabob easier than ever with this Weber Kabob and Skewer Set. Don’t bother with the risk of poking yourself with those wooden skewers time and again. This set is so simple to use, that you will have all your skewers set to be grilled in no time. It comes with six stainless steel skewers and a heavy-duty plated steel rack, making it not only easy, but incredibly safe. Avoiding burnt or cut hands is always important when it comes to grilling, skewering and kabobbing! The Weber Skewer and Kabob Set fits 18.5-in. or larger diameter charcoal grills, plus all Weber gas grills. Keep this in mind when finding the perfect fit for you and your ‘bobs!

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