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Get Ready For Vacation With Flight 001

by Hali Felice

Now boarding….flights to anywhere! It’s time you went on vacation. You know it. I know it. We all know it. Stop thinking about laying upon the white sands of the Caribbean and get out there and do it! Now is the time to get great deals on your dream vacation.

Once your destination is chosen, you’re going to have to begin packing. Oh, the dreaded packing! Flight 001 is a very useful site for all those that love to travel, but hate the worrying of packing and staying organized. This site does it for you!


Buy | $205.00 | Ibiza Flight Tote

First we suggest choosing the right bag. We took a particular liking to this Ibiza Flight Tote. It’s a convertible tote that can be folded down or expanded. It has padding to store laptops and compartments for iPods, cell phones and more. We love bags that have a special spot for every special thing.

F1 Stewardess Groom Case Buy | $35.00 | F1 Stewardess Groom Case

You’re going to need a special spot though for your toiletries. That is why we suggest choosing this F1 Stewardess Groom Case to go right inside your Ibiza Flight Tote. It even features a removable clear zip case for makeup or toiletry storage.

Tiki God USB Flash Drive Buy | $40.00 | Tiki God USB Flash Drive

If you’re going to be bringing along the old laptop, you’re going to need a trusty flash drive. Well, how bout a flash drive that is unique! This Tiki God USB Flash Drive is as functional as it is cute. It holds 2GB of memory and it matches your already cool Ibiza Flight Tote.

f1-flight-pack Buy | $28.00 | F1 Flight Pack

And finally, here’s a bright idea when traveling long hours. Bring along your own F1 Flight Pack. This pack easily and conveniently fits inside your F1 Stewardess Groom Case and contains Evian Braumisateur, dental-kit, floss, mouthwash, lipbalm, moisturizer, moist towelettes, and a boomark. Necessities for an overnight flight or just to freshen up!

Check out the endless amounts of travel products that help you have smooth flying from before you leave the ground and until the moment you land.