xxx Shopflick’s Peonie Swimwear Sale — Damn I Like That!

Shopflick’s Peonie Swimwear Sale

by Hali Felice

While some of us may be looking for ways to avoid bikini season, others are looking for ways to get into bikini season!  Shopflick is offering you a great way to get in the mood for Summer, in a great looking bikini for a great looking deal!

Shopflick's Peonie Swimwear Sale

Shopflick is offering five bikinis by emerging Brazilian swimwear line Peonie at up to 82% off for just $29.99 each, starting Wednesday, April 22nd.  Featured styles include the Frans Bandeau Bikini, Sofia Links Bikini, Bea Bikini, Pipa Bikini, and Capri Bikini. Such bikinis have been worn by several celebs, like Nicole Richie and Ashlee Simpson.

We know that getting your bod bikini ready is never fun, but it’s a lot easier when you have adorable bikinis at a fun price to choose from!