xxx Manolo Camouflage Mary Janes — Damn I Like That!

Manolo Camouflage Mary Janes

by Alicia

As a fan of Sex and The City (can’t wait until the movie comes out!) I have especially always loved the fashion and of course the shoes! While I have only been able to admire from afar, Manolo Blahnik shoes to me are the epitome of sexy women’s shoes. I had always been a pocketbook girl loving to get a new bag any chance that I could. Recently, my obsession has shifted to shoes and now, the floor of my closet is lined with shoe boxes and I am always on the hunt for a new pair. Manolo’s to me are the shoes I strive to one day be able to add to my shoe collection. I mean sure I could just charge them and have them next week but I don’t think my credit card debt would be able to handle it. I came across these Manolo Camouflage Mary Janes. When you think ‘Mary Jane’ you think classic girly shoe but by adding the camo print, these take Mary Jane’s to a whole new level. I have never really been able to pull off the camo look but I am sure they could look fierce when paired with the right outfit and for the right occasion. We want to hear what you think to. Are these damn hot or a damn shame. Vote below!!

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