xxx Thai Dragon Pepper Blooms in a Bag — Damn I Like That!

Thai Dragon Pepper Blooms in a Bag

by Cecil

I don’t have a green thumb and combine that with living in an apartment with just a small balcony and not much sun, it makes it really hard to grow anything. I have been trying to look for some things that can grow without much sun and without being planted in the ground. These Thai Dragon Pepper Blooms in a Bag seems like the perfect thing to grow if you have living arrangements like I do and if you like things extra spicy. The Thai Dragon pepper is a small and very hot pepper that can really add some heat to your cooking. What is great about these peppers is that they will grow right in this bag making them perfect if you don’t have any outside space for a garden. You can still get that accomplished feeling of having something hand grown without all the hassles.

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