xxx Three Thieves Bandit “Bottle” Wine — Damn I Like That!

Three Thieves Bandit “Bottle” Wine

by Cecil


While box wine gets a bad wrap, it has some distinct advantages over it’s glassed counterpart; Storage is easy. You don’t have to worry about breaking glass which is always a concern, you get more wine and it’s not as heavy as glass. And last, but not least, it’s easier to carry and transport to where ever you want to enjoy it.

So, while I was taking a walk around the wine & spirits store, I happened to see a “bottle” of Bandit’s Pinot Grigio sitting on the shelf. My mission was to try something new, and I thought why not, and picked it up.


As I read the packaging, I became more excited at the advantages that were presented. You never have to worry about your wine being “corked” because it’s sealed airtight until opened. Also, you get 33% more wine than a traditional 750ml bottle as the Bandit bottles are 1 liter in size.


The biggest advantage is its portability. Before, taking wine on the road could be a hassle, once opened, the wine has to be stood up for fear of leakage. But, with the Bandit’s Tetra Pak Technology and resealable screw cap, you no longer have to worry about that. Take them on your next outdoor picnic, and while this might not be the classest thing to do, you can even drink right out the bottle, so there is no need for glasses or cups.

One final thing. Behind all the great packaging and reasons you should buy this boxed bottle of wine, it taste Damn Good too!

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