xxx Toss Dirty Martini Mix — Damn I Like That!

Toss Dirty Martini Mix

by Joe

Fan of the dirty martini?  I sure am.  Making one on my own however can sometimes be a challenge with trying to balance the amount of olive brine to add to the vodka to get just the right taste.  Toss Dirty Martini Mix eliminates that challenge because it contains a mixture of olive brine, vermouth, and vodka so that when you add it with your own vodka, the taste is just right.  No more guessing games of how much olive brine to add.  Toss takes care of the measuring for you.  Just add 1/4 of an ounce of the Martini Mix to 3 ounces of your vodka, shake it over ice, and strain into a glass and you’ll have a fantastic dirty martini in no time.

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