xxx $20 off ~H20+ Skincare Products with purchase of three items — Damn I Like That!

$20 off ~H20+ Skincare Products with purchase of three items

by Hali Felice

When you catch a hold of a great deal or bargain, you can’t let it go by with just one simple purchase. You gotta stock up, and that means buying multiple products. ~H20+ Skincare is currently running a steal and a deal that you can not afford to miss. If you order now online, simply enter 080349 at checkout and save $20 off your purchase of three items! Moisturizers, facial washes, lotions, and more are all part of this amazing deal. Plus, some items you may not have even realized NEED to become part of your regimen….try some of the following, for example.

Oasisâ„¢ Travel Essentials

If you are a gal on the go, then you really need this travel pack to take with you on your next trip. Whether for business or pleasure, this Oasis Travel Essentials kit is ideal for the woman on the go, who also needs to keep up her daily skincare routine. It is perfectly sized and consists of five pieces in the Oasis collection.

Waterwhite Lite Pore Minimizing Gel & Oasis Mist

Or perhaps you are someone who is on a mission to minimize the sight of their larger pores. ~H20+ has a product for you, too. This Waterwhite Lite Pore Minimizing Gel is skin-brightening gel that is formulated to reduce the size of pores, all the while still keeping you looking fresh. And lastly, if you are a diva on the lookout for the newest and most incredible of inventions, then you are going to fall for this Oasis Mist (above, right). It is a facial mist that gives you a refreshing energizing mist with one spray. Not to mention all the vitamins and minerals that instantly replenish skin. Mix and match items or don’t, but certainly don’t forget to get the most of a penny saving deal like this one; the number three never looked so divine!

Buy | $19.00 – Oasisâ„¢ Travel Essentials
Buy | $35.00 – Waterwhiteâ„¢ Lite Pore Minimizing Gel
Buy | $16.50 – Oasisâ„¢ Mist