xxx Big Blue Bath Bomb — Damn I Like That!

Big Blue Bath Bomb

by Alicia

I was in Lush over the weekend and they have a ton of really cool and fascinating products. I saw a demonstration of one of the Bath Bombs, Big Blue . If you like relaxing in a bath then you will really like these bath bombs. Big Blue is made with all natural products including sea salts, seaweed, lavender, and lemon. It brings the tranquility of the ocean right into your bathtub. You break off a section of the bath bomb and drop it right into the water. The bath bomb immediately breaks apart to fill the water, fizz, and even release some of the ingredients into the water like pieces of seaweed and flower petals and will turn your bath water blue just like the ocean. The ingredients will help soak your skin and leave it feeling refreshed and moisturized.

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