xxx Bliss Instant Mattification — Damn I Like That!

Bliss Instant Mattification

by Joe

Summer is in full swing and while we may enjoy the bright sun and outdoor activities, our faces don’t always react so nicely to the hot weather. If oiliness is a problem for you, whether it be during the summer months or year-round, Bliss has a solution. It’s called Instant Mattification. It’s a combination gel and powder that helps rid your face of shine and reduce your pore size. All you have to do is apply it to the skin and it goes to work keeping your face dry with its smartsponge technology, which is oil control spheres that regulate oil production, and salicylic acid, which soaks up any oil you already have on your face. You can apply as often as you need throughout the day and that goes even if you wear make-up. Instant Mattification can be used underneath or over make-up, so it’s for everybody. So go out and have fun and leave the oiliness behind.

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