xxx Buttermilk Bath Soak from H2O Plus — Damn I Like That!

Buttermilk Bath Soak from H2O Plus

by Hali Felice

Taking a relaxing bath always sounds like heaven on earth, but what about a tub full of milk? Absurd, right? Well, it’s been proven that milk has many rejuvenating and relaxing factors that can allow your body to relax, while keeping skin soft and supple. Did you ever hear of a cow complaining of dry skin? This Buttermilk Bath Soak from H2O Plus is a great way to unwind after a long day. It contains natural buttermilk and milk proteins for ultra moisturized and fortified skin. Blends frothing crystals, silkening powder and shea butter, which leaves your skin delicately scented. No harsh perfumes or anything to irritate skin. This formula allows even the most sensitive skin to indulge. Now get your glass a day, via your skin, in a nice hot bath!

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