xxx ColorOn’s EyeEnvy — Damn I Like That!

ColorOn’s EyeEnvy

by Alicia

ColorOn's EyeEnvy

So everyone has heard of press on nails but how about press on eyeshadow? Yes, that’s right, ColorOn’s EyeEnvy are appliques that you can simply press over your eyelid and after peeling, the eyeshadow colors stick right onto your lid. It is meant to be a really quick fix for applying eyeshadow, especially for women who might not regularly wear make-up and need something quick and some help from the professionals to create that perfect look. And, it’s an easy way to try new colors and looks on your eyes. There are several different sets including the smokey kit, tropics kit, and if you are feeling really daring and want to make a statement, the exotic kit with animal print patterns. So what do you think? A cool new make-up product or too over-the-top? Would you try these press on appliques?

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