xxx Kiwi-Cassis Body Buffer — Damn I Like That!

Kiwi-Cassis Body Buffer

by Hali Felice

Winter skin got you down in the dumps? I know that my skin is one big itch constantly! You are suffering from a major increase of dead skin and dried skin cells that may lead to this annoying itch. Don’t scratch! Scratching leaves scars…what you need is a great exfoliator and a great lotion to follow. H20′s Kiwi-Cassis Body Buffer is a simple way of getting rid of unwanted dead skin all over the body. And if you have ever tasted a kiwi, you will know that your skin can enjoy the sweet flavor too!

The exotic kiwi extracts enhance the scrub to easily exfoliate, nourish, and soften the skin. Additionally, natural apricot seeds, jojoba beads and pumice help remove impurities that cause your skin to feel and look less than perfect. And once you are done ridding yourself of unwanted dry skin, this mix with pro vitamin B and allantoin are sure to add additional hydration and nourishing protection, as well. So, let your skin soak up all it needs during the winter, because before long, summer will approach and we want to be able to show off our smooth skin with pride!

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