xxx Lush’s Ocean Salt Cleanser — Damn I Like That!

Lush’s Ocean Salt Cleanser

by Joe

If you’ve ever been looking for a good facial scrub, but overwhelmed with the hundreds of brands and choices there are, look no more. Lush’s Ocean Salt Cleanser is the best facial scrub I have come across after using several different brands. The minute you open and smell it, you are transported to a Caribbean island with the scents of sea salt, lime, and coconut. It only gets better once you use it. The sea salt in the scrub exfoliates any dead or dry skin and helps clean out any grit or grime you’ve got caught up in your pores and then the coconut and avocado butters in the scrub moisturize your face. Once you rinse it off, you’re face is left feeling squeaky clean with a glowing complexion. And as if that wasn’t good enough, you’ll also feel at ease and de-stressed, almost like you were on a beautiful island. Now why would you pass that feeling up?

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