xxx Mask of Magnaminty Cleanser — Damn I Like That!

Mask of Magnaminty Cleanser

by Joe

Looking for a refreshing, stimulating boost for your face? Lush has got you covered with their Mask of Magnaminty Cleanser . As its name reveals, it has a mint fragrance combined with a hint of vanilla that soothes the senses and stimulates your skin. This mask is designed especially for those with breakout-prone skin as it has kaolin in it, a form of clay that helps to absorb excess oil on the face. All you do is apply the mask, leave it on up to 15 minutes, and rinse and you’ll be oh so fresh and clean. And because Lush uses such fresh ingredients in this mask, it only has a shelf life of four months. So you know this is the real deal and free of chemical preservatives.

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