xxx Perfumeria Gal Strawberry Lip Balm — Damn I Like That!

Perfumeria Gal Strawberry Lip Balm

by Hali Felice

Perfumeria Lip Balm

Dried, chapped lips are nothing to be proud of as a woman trying to look her best. Don’t fall short of looking complete just because you failed to hydrate your pout! If you want your lips to feel completely quenched, try this Perfumeria Gal Strawberry Lip Balm. They come in a great, classic vintage tin case and in many different tasty flavors! Try their strawberry, apple, peach, red currant or violet. Each comes in its own case, different from the next. Collect them all or just buy one. You can never have enough lip products hanging around. I keep one in my car, one by my bed AND one in my purse at all times. Even if you aren’t a big makeup person, there is no reason to ignore your lips. Each gloss goes on clear and keeps lips feeling moist and satisfied for hours. It has never been easier to make something look so effortlessly good!

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