xxx Prada Infusion De Vetiver — Damn I Like That!

Prada Infusion De Vetiver

by Joe

With warmer air now in place, it’s that time of year to change up the cologne you’ve been wearing through the cold weather months to something lighter.  Prada’s newest creation for men,  Infusion De Vetiver, is a perfect fragrance to carry you through the warm weather months.  It’s main component of vetiver is brought out by notes of tarragon, Madagascan pepper, and purple ginger.

Think of something very light and clean smelling, almost of a soapy nature.  That is what Infusion De Vetiver brings across and that’s perfect for the warmth because it’s strong enough to keep you smelling good, but not in a musky or overpowering way which the heat would only intensify.  It’s unique scent makes this new fragrance stand out from other typical watery or citrusy summer colognes.  Infusion De Vetiver shows why Prada is at the forefront of the fashion world.

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