xxx Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar — Damn I Like That!

Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar

by Hali Felice

The big thing lately seems to be environmental awareness and the whole, “Go Green” project! Lush has jumped on board the train of educating others in environmental issues around the globe. Their Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo Bar is just another way they are encouraging and reminding others to be worldly on all “Go Green” issues. Squeaky Green is a fascinating shampoo for hair and scalp, even helping to reduce dandruff. Nutritious nettle, restorative rosemary, purifying tea tree and stimulating peppermint make up the ultimate ingredients in this bar, for your hair. Each more natural than the next and reminding us of the great importance nature has in our own daily lives. As a bonus, this bar features their “Go Green” scent, refreshingly herbal and refreshingly helpful. So, maybe you can’t exactly take time out of your busy schedule to attend a “Go Green” rally, but you can do your part and learn more about such a cause, while you are now reminded each time you step into that shower.

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