xxx 7 Stocking Stuffers under $20 — Damn I Like That!

7 Stocking Stuffers under $20

by Hali Felice

  1. Stick with the one you love this holiday season! This Love Tape makes for a very sticky, but adorable stocking stuffer that can be used all year round. $7.00 | Buy
  2. Spice up your life with the strong scent of the Evergreens. Bath & Body Works Scentportables are a fancy, yet simple way to bring the smell of Christmas throughout the home. $5.00 | Buy
  3. Moooo-ve on over Christmas. This year new ornaments are in town and ready to be hung on the tree! These CB2 Cow Ornaments are a perfect addition to any tree. $7.95 | Buy
  4. Okay well we know this isn’t exactly going IN the stocking, as it actually is the stocking itself, but come on…how fantastic is this stocking? Disco queens and divas alike can relish in the fact that their Christmas stocking has finally arrived! $17.60 | Buy
  5. Get in the holiday spirit wherever you are; even in the shower! This Reindeer Shower Cap from Urban Outfitters (where else?) keeps you feeling merry from the loofah to the shampoo. $6.00 | Buy
  6. Give someone these Frosty the snowman and gal friend coasters to keep their holiday egg nog from leaving an unsightly ring on the table. They are are as darling as they are functional! $9.99 | Buy
  7. No paper cuts for you when opening all your holiday cards on Christmas; as long as you have this Container Store EnvelOpener. Quickly and safely tear into all those fancy and fun cards on December 25th. And when you are finished, simply stick it to the fridge for safe keeping, as it’s also magnetized. $4.99 | Buy