xxx Chalkboard Napkin Rings — Damn I Like That!

Chalkboard Napkin Rings

by Alicia

When I entertain family and friends for dinner parties I have never really gotten into the whole ordeal of the cloth napkins and the napkin rings. However, these Chalkboard Napkin Rings from MoMA Store might make me reconsider that because I think this is such a great idea. They really kill 2 birds with one stone – holding the napkin in place and also serving as a seating card so all your dinner guests won’t have to put any thought into where they sit. They come with a set of 4 napkin rings with a chalkboard finish on the outside. The set also comes with a slate pencil to write the names on the napkin rings and a sponge eraser so you can easily re-use for all your dinner parties. It’s a creative way to make your dinner parties extra special for your guests.

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