xxx Crumple Bath Set from Chiasso — Damn I Like That!

Crumple Bath Set from Chiasso

by Hali Felice

Sprucing up the old bathroom is a favorite amongst many people.  It’s fun to rearrange and change the decor in your bathroom(s) every so often.  There are many adorable sets available out there, how can you decide on just one for the rest of your life?

Crumple Bath Set from Chiasso

Check out the unique and crazy cool Crumple Bath Set from Chiasso.  It’s like a very modern and contemporary work of art….that sits next to your toilet!  Grab the toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and trashcan.  Each looks as if it’s been crumpled and tossed into the trash itself, then brought back just for you!  It’s definitely going to give your bathroom a very eclectic look and something for guests to talk about!

Buy | $28.00 – $88.00