xxx Deluxe Coin Sorter Valet — Damn I Like That!

Deluxe Coin Sorter Valet

by Joe

If you are one of those people with loose change on your dresser, in your car,  or here and there everywhere, this product is just for you.  This Deluxe Coin Sorter Valet will allow you to keep all your change organized and in one place.  This solid wood coin sorter has a cherry finish, making it a nice-looking accessory regardless of your decor.  All you do is drop your change in the top and it sorts it into four tubes of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters with each tube holding a full roll of the coins.  There is an overflow try for any extra coins if the tubes fill up and an accessory tray on the bottom to store other personal belongings.  You can also order an optional plaque to be engraved with up to three initials if you want to personalize the sorter.  You’ll be surprised how much extra money you can find laying around, so instead of letting it sit in random places, gather it together and be able to put it to good use with this deluxe coin sorter.

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