xxx Hawaiian Hibiscus Chaise Lounge — Damn I Like That!

Hawaiian Hibiscus Chaise Lounge

by Hali Felice

Lately it seems that has been just too hot to lay beside the pool. The solution to this problem….why not lay INSIDE the pool instead? Lounging in the pool and running back and forth to take a dip to relieve you of the intense heat, is no way to really relax. Now you can lay along this Hawaiian Hibiscus Chaise Lounge , as it floats upon your very own pool. It automatically adjusts from full upright position to partial or full reclining position, in the water. Simply lean back and the lounge will adjust to the position you want, or lie back to a full reclining position. Relaxation and a little sun has never been easier! There is also a full cushioned seat for even more comfortableness and enjoyment! So sit back, relax, drink in hand and get the sun and the cooling fun, all in one!

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