xxx Heart Tray by Jeri Goodman — Damn I Like That!

Heart Tray by Jeri Goodman

by Hali Felice

Offer your loved ones a piece of your heart while hosting your next dinner party with this Heart Tray by Jeri Goodman. Used as a serving tray, it is made completely of glass with a heart and other designs featured within it. It is a work of art that is completely functional in everyday life. If you don’t want to use it as a serving tray, then use it as a piece of artwork on display in your living room, kitchen, den, etc. Or here’s yet another idea! Why not store some wrapped candy for your guests upon the tray, so that they might have something to nibble on when they drop by unexpectedly. This is a classic and yet completely contemporary piece of art that is sure to be a conversation topic the next time you have your guests over for a special occasion.

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