xxx Ivory 360-Degree Rotating Outlet — Damn I Like That!

Ivory 360-Degree Rotating Outlet

by Alicia

Ivory 360-Degree Rotating Outlet

Does this sound familiar? You have your cell phone charger plugged in or your hair straightener and then you go to plug in your hair dryer to the open outlet and it doesn’t fit. So, you try to switch the outlets to see if it may work the other way and no luck. You are forced to move one of your electronics to another open outlet. This happens to me more often than not so when I saw this cool Ivory 360-Degree Rotating Outlet, I thought it was pretty ingenious. Each outlet rotates 360 degrees into 18 positions so there is no way you won’t be able to fit two plugs in at once. It also looks pretty cool with the plugs facing the not so normal angles in the outlets.

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