xxx Magtable Coffee Table — Damn I Like That!

Magtable Coffee Table

by Alicia

Magtable Coffee Table

My boyfriend and I both subscribe to a number of magazines. And since all of them are mostly monthly, they come in the mail around the same time. With us both being so busy sometimes, we don’t have a chance to read the magazine from the month before when the new one comes in the mail. We try to house most of our magazines on our coffee table but it gets to a point where they almost take over the table because there are so many of them. The Magtable Coffee Table really caught my eye because it would be great in my apartment and yours too if you also have an overabundance of magazines. It’s a solid wood birch coffee table with thin slots in the surface to hang your magazines from. That way you can still have them out so you don’t forget about them but it will clear away the surface of your coffee table.

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