xxx STORViNO Wine Module and Tote — Damn I Like That!

STORViNO Wine Module and Tote

by Cecil

STORViNO Wine Module and Tote


The problem with being a wine collector is your collection can grow or shrink at anytime depending on a variable of factors. Maybe you find a great Cabernet Sauvignon for cheap and you can’t resist buying, say 20 bottles. Unless you have a wine cellar, you might run into a little storage problem. That’s where the STORViNO Wine Module and Tote comes in. The STORViNO storage system is light weight and can store up to 6 bottles in each module and is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic. They require no assembly and can also be used to transport your wine. Why not take it shopping with you, load it up, and when you get home it’s already stored! Now your wine storage can grow or shrink with your wine collection!

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