xxx Warmrails Hampton Portable Towel Warmer — Damn I Like That!

Warmrails Hampton Portable Towel Warmer

by Joe

One of the best things in life is a nice, hot shower and that experience is made even better by having a warm towel to dry off with afterward.  It usually is a rarity that you have towels out of the dryer right before you are done showering, but you can make a it a regular occurrence with this Warmrails Hampton Portable Towel Warmer.  This towel warmer can easily be kept in your bathroom all the time and plugged into a regular outlet or if you don’t have the space, store it in a closet and take it out when you shower.  You have the freedom of putting it wherever you like really.  The convenience and luxury of this towel warmer make it a fantastic buy for anyone.

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