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KickStart the Duke & Winston Pet Line

by Cecil

We’ve covered Duke & Winston twice over the years on Damn I LIke That! and since then the one man brand has grown right before our eyes. Making due on a promise, Duke & Winston are in the initial stages of launching The Duke & Winston Pet Line over on Kickstarter.

What’s The Pet Line?

The Duke & Winston Pet Line is a collection of well crafted and subtly branded leather leashes and collars geared towards people who want their pets collars to look like something that should be on a dog and not Paris Hilton. They will be domestically produced with the same attention to detail as Duke & Winston T-shirts, hoodies and Henleys.

What You Have To Do!

To back this venture, head over to the Duke & Winston Kick Starter page and Pledge as little as $10.00 to help this line become a reality. For a $25.00 pledge, you will receive the very popular Mens/Women’s Gentleman Duke Tee ($36 retail in most stores), 3 large Duke & winston stickers and Kickstarter contributor only discounts on all Duke & Winston products launched in 2011

We think the best value is the $150.00 Pledge, where you will be the first to receive the first ever Duke & Winston collar & leash set with one charm + the signature tee & duke tee + heavy duty tote bag. None dog owners will receive 6 spring 2011 Duke & Winston tees of their choice, stickers and tote bag.

What’s this money go towards?

Unlike most kickstater pages that ask for a lump sum of money to finish a project or funds to start without actually telling you how the money is going to be used, the Duke & Winston Pet Line breaks everything down giving you a chance to see how your money will be used to launch the introductory line - in detail. Check out the very well thought out and detailed break down.

Head over and make your Pledge, time is running out!

Pledge | As Low As $10.00