xxx Motivational Messages Labels — Damn I Like That!

Motivational Messages Labels

by Hali Felice

Need a lil’ boost throughout the day?  Who doesn’t.  If it isn’t the debilitating economy, it’s the long 8 hour work day, your budget, the kids, and who knows what else.  That is why these Motivational Messages Labels brighten any one’s day!  They give you a short, but impressionable boost of confidence, self-esteem or joy.


Choose from a quick word like “focus” and “believe,” or different quotes with even more meaning.  Inspiration can come from just about any place, so why not your fridge?  Your front door?  Or your textbooks?  Stick them anywhere!  And when you have found that you have enough inspiration from that one place, simply remove and start over on another surface.  There is no true end to real inspiration.

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