xxx db clay 20% off sale — Damn I Like That!

db clay 20% off sale

by Cecil

I’ve always wanted a db clay wallet. They’ve always caught my eye with their cool designed and great material that they are made off. In fact, this very blog was started with a post, that at the time I didn’t know, featured a db clay wallet. If there was one thing that was holding me back from getting one of these wallets, it’s the fact that the wallet I have, is in very good shape and I don’t really need one.

That all might change because the cool folks over at db clay are having a 20% off sale on their Version 3 wallets and myDuctbills Kits. Just enter promo code V320XOFFMAY for the version 3 wallets and MD20XOFFMAY for the myDuctbills Kit at checkout and you can have a cool wallet like the Dark Bark pictured above. If women can have more than handbag, why can’t us guys have more than one wallet?

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