xxx La Victoria Fedora by Goorin — Damn I Like That!

La Victoria Fedora By Goorin

by Cecil

Goorin La Victoria Hat

I’ve never owned a Fedora, I’ve always some what looked down on them. They seemed too overdone or trying. But, as I get older and see the options available, my opinion is starting to change – a little. If I were to get a Fedora, it would have to be something as cool as the La Victoria Fedora by Goorin. This Fedora is part of a limited edition collection by seven world-renowned tattoo artists. This design by Adam Barton, features a vintage revolver and prayer hands tattoo artwork. It also has a custom bandana print band & lining with feather detail. Now I’m still not sure I’d wear one, but this Fedora definitely has style.

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