xxx Lint on the Go Sheets — Damn I Like That!

Lint on the Go Sheets

by Alicia

Lint is always just an annoyance that can really ruin the look of a clean and put together outfit. The worst thing is when you wear something wooly that sheds one day and then the next day when you get into your car or sit at your office desk all the lint remnants from the day before transfer onto your new outfit. The Lint on the Go Sheets are definitely a great investment to keep around you at all times. They come in small packs that can easily fit in your desk drawer or your pocketbook. You just slide your hand under the clear cover of the lint square and peel back the liner and pat your clothing to remove the lint or even animal hair. This is a great style saver to make sure you are lint free before a meeting or a special event.

Buy | $12.00 for 1 pack – $26.00 for 3 packs