xxx Old Navy Men’s Classic Flip-Flops — Damn I Like That!

Old Navy Men’s Classic Flip-Flops

by Joe

One of the nice things about warmer weather is that you don’t always have to have your feet covered up.  Wearing flip-flops is a nice alternative to shoes and sneakers all the time just as long as you don’t start wearing the flip-flops non-stop all summer.  Old Navy gives you the perfect option to wear flip-flops with their classic flip-flops for men. They come in a variety of colors and if you buy more than one pair, they get even cheaper.   Buy two or more pairs of these and they are a mere $2.50 each.  You really cannot beat that price.  Keep in mind these are not high-quality wear-all-the time footwear, but for the beach, the pool, and random outings they are perfect to stock up on.

Buy |  $3.50